Keeping Safe in the Snow!

As you may have already noticed, the UK has been hit hard with snow over the recent weeks. It’s important to stay warm during these cold periods, wearing plenty of suitable clothing whilst eating and drinking well. Many of us will still be braving the roads, but getting our cars out of driveways and garages can potentially be quite dangerous. Shovelling snow is a task that requires more attention that you’d expect.

Be careful when clearing snow!

Be careful when clearing snow!

Here’s a few Healthy Hideout tips for shovelling snow this winter;

  • Ensure you’re up to the task. If you have health or heart problems, or any other physical limitations, get approval from your doctor before starting.  You could even look to get some assistance from your local neighbours if they’re willing to help!
  • A good snow shovel is key. You want the large surface to be made from a non-stick material, whilst being lightweight with a long handle. An open end allows you to quickly toss snow to the side as you work.
  • Where is the snow going? If you’re planning to move the snow, remember cold temperatures will mean it isn’t melting any time soon. Make sure you move it to somewhere where you won’t be needing to move it again.
  • Shovel using a stern, steady motion focusing on clearing the snow where you will be walking and where your car will be passing through. A good technique is to “push” the snow whilst holding the shovel at a slight angle. This gives you a “snow plough” effect, thus pushing the snow to one side.
  • When a large bulk of the snow has been cleared, use the edge of the shovel to chip away any patches of ice that may have built up. A pick-axe maybe needed for thicker build-up.
  • Once you’ve removed all the snow and ice from the surface, spread a large amount of rock salt over the area. This will prevent the snow or ice from building back up again too quickly, but be careful to avoid areas with soil or plants. The rock salt can be extremely damaging to plant life.

As more snow is forecast to fall, it’s important to be prepared for any further snowfall. Are you prepared?

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