Finns strip down to bask in Europes highest sauna

It never ceases to amaze us to what lengths the Finn’s will go to enjoy a sauna! A small team of Finnish mountaineers have just summited Mont Blanc, the highest peak in both the Alps and European Union. Once at the summit the team then proceeded to erect a temporary sauna before stripping down to their underwear to enjoy the staggering views from the warmth of the sauna.

Sauna on Mont Blanc. Photo

The team of 4 climbers reached the summit in sub-zero temperatures in late August 2010 along with a specially designed sauna stove and tent. Once a suitably clear day was decided upon the team departed in the dark so as to reach the summit at day-break. The tent was then constructed along with a sauna stove designed to burn wood at high altitudes and a wooden bench. Kari Härkönen exclaims “The sauna got so hot that it felt quite refreshing to wash in the snow at -5C outside”.

Sauna tent & heater. Photo

The group had been acclimatised to the high altitude with mountaineering experts before setting off on this exhilarating experience. Once heated and cooled the team took down the tent and descended back down the mountain. Watch their experience below and let us know your thoughts. What extremes have you gone to when experiencing the hot or cold?

Sauna @ Mont Blanc from saunamontblanc on Vimeo.

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