Cashmere loo roll anyone?

Everybody dreams of having their dream bathroom one day, complete with luxury whirlpool bath, all glass shower enclosure combined with high end tiling. However, it seems that maximising comfort is the main focus for one such supplier.

Cashmere, one of the softest and most valued textile materials, has been used in many formats including fashionable suits and luxury jumpers for the cold days.

However, Waitrose has taken it to the next level by releasing a new range of cashmere toilet roll. The supermarket insists that a “significant amount” of cashmere goes into each roll, even though no cashmere fibres are involved in the manufacturing process. Instead, the paper itself is coated in the oil extracted from cashmere hairs.

Finish your luxury bathroom by heading over to your nearest Waitrose today and grabbing a pack – Cashmere rolls start from £2.99.

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