Clever Camping Contraption!

Camping is often associated with tents, the great outdoors, and campfires. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea due to the lack of luxury one can expect, but solar power is bringing a whole new scenario to consider. Imagine arriving back to base camp after a long hike around the neighbouring hills to a solar-powered outdoor shower?

Solar-powered Outdoor Shower

Manufacturers claim this clever contraption is capable of heating 5.5 gallons of water to a refreshing 60º celsius, after just 2 hours on a sunny day (leave a few more hours charging time for a cloudy day!).  Better still the solar-powered outdoor shower is fully transportable, so taking it from A to B shouldn’t prove to be too much of a chore. Maybe its time for all of us to reconsider our holiday destinations and keep camping a definite possibility!

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